130 kw – 175 hp
190 khm/h top speed
24 Kwh battery pack

Technical information

Electric Racing Academy

Safety Equipment includes

FIA Formula 4 Homologated

  • Monocoque
  • Front and rear crash box
  • Front and side anti-intrusion plates
  • Roll hoops
  • Steering column

ERA specified

  • On board self-extinguishing battery pack system
  • Sub chassis
  • Race track electric safety equipment & training

Dual Classes

Sports Class

  • Fully functional, ready to race vehicle

Innovation Class

  • Standard ERA rolling chassis with body panels

Self Developed:

  • Powertrain
  • Energy storage system
  • Human-machine interface (powertrain parts and battery system can be purchased separately)

* Vehicle spec is subject to change. Contact ERA Championship for more information.